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December 19, 2020

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Taking a cue from Initial Commit, I decided to name this first post as Initial Post.

I created this blog from scratch as I wanted it to also be a learning experience. This has become my hobby project where I experiment with new tools and technologies.

Jamstack is very popular these days. So decided to build this site using Jamstack practices. This post summarizes the various parts of the Jamstack eco-system used on the site.

  • Presentation Layer: ReactJS has been on my learning list. The most popular starting points for ReactJS are create-react-app and Next.js. I eventually decided to use Next.js as it provides server-side rendering, static-site generation and serverless functions out of the box. The features can help to get the site up quickly.

  • API: The site does not need an API at the moment. However, Next.js provides a straightforward solution to create APIs too.

  • VCS: Github.

  • Hosting / CDN: The site runs on Github pages. It's free and fast. It provides all the features needed for now. However, I would also like to try out services like Netlify.

  • Backend: At the moment, the site can compile to static HTML. So I am deferring this decision until the time I need a backend.

The overall architecture of the site looks like this.

Intial Architecture


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Anurag Ashok (Author)
AuthorAnurag Ashok

Welcome to my blog!

I am Anurag Ashok, from Mumbai, India; at present building software for Singapore Airlines @ Singapore. I enjoy all things code and am particularly passionate about automation and "everything as code". In my 8+ years of making code work, I have experimented with several languages but focused primarily on java microservices and the javascript ecosystem.

You can reach out to me for any discussions or feedback at LinkedIn.

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